What would be possible if your relationship with money was joyful and empowered?

Welcome to The Land of Plenty. Author Carolynn Bottino shares her own transformational money story and her most powerful and practical tips for creating joy and abundance with your money. You’ll discover how to unlearn the money beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you in scarcity, how to take deliberate action to create abundance, and leave fear, shame, and guilt behind so you can live in The Land of Plenty.

Consider this book your invitation to:

  • break through and embody joy and abundance.
  • understand where you have been and where you want to be
  • work on your money mindset and money mindfulness.
  • recognize where you are feeding into fear and scarcity.
  • transform your life, so you live in The Land of Plenty.

“Anything is possible! This book is a must read for anyone who has to deal with money, which means everyone. It’s filled with helpful stories, antidotes and easy to follow steps. Truly The Land of Plenty is available to us all!”

– Jacqueline Morasco
Mind Body Alchemist and Creator of Mantra Oracle Cards

“There are a lot of money experts in the world, but Carolynn is the person who has zero judgment about your money story, which is the very thing that creates such a shift with people. When she says that money is infinite, it’s not this pie-in-the-sky cliché affirmation that sounds good, she deeply embodies this value and you can’t but help lean into that belief more yourself when you’re around her. Not only does Carolynn have the vast knowledge and experience about how numbers work, but she helps you see the patterns with your money and creates the systems and support to change it within a judgment-free zone, of course. I have a feeling that this book is going to be a consistent companion to remind me that money is joyful and truly infinite.”

– Angella Johnson
Business Alchemist and Creator of the Intuitive Marketing Matrix™

“Carolynn brings a heartfelt and soulful perspective to money that feels like having a heart-to-heart with your best girlfriend.  Gone are the days of shaming or guilting ourselves about money.  Rather, we are reminded that now more than ever we have permission to feel empowered, free and abundant about money and our ability to dream, create and own our money desires. Coming from a bookkeeper’s point of view, and with real life client case studies, Carolynn’s book provides a fresh and practical approach to understanding money that is non-threatening and that places the power back in our hands where it always belonged.  In The Land of Plenty, we are gently and compassionately reminded that money is infinite, that money can be a joyful pursuit and that no matter what our money story has been, in this moment we get to change our reality, one potent baby step at a time.  This book is a must-read for every entrepreneur looking to move past their money blocks and money ceilings, to demystify money and to feel truly abundant and at ease with money once and for all.  Having had the privilege of supporting Carolynn in birthing her money empowerment work, I know firsthand how passionate and committed she is to supporting each of us to ignite our potency with money and this book is a treasure map to activating our money mojo.  Last but not least, Carolynn encourages us to define success on our terms and reminds us of what’s possible when we say yes to our dreams and to creating a truly empowering and enlivening relationship to money.”

– Priscilla Stephan
Intuitive Business Strategist