“I am no longer afraid to look at my statements and ask questions…”

“I am much more aware of money coming in and going out of my business. In fact, I check my accounts daily and keep track of everything. I am no longer afraid to look at my statements and ask questions. It is now possible for me to make informed decisions about what I can purchase for my business, to know what’s going on in the financial side of my business, and to get support when I need it.” ~ Jacqueline

“I am less fearful…”

“I now feel safe. I know my accounts are in order. I am less fearful. I sleep better! I don’t have to worry, I have free time mentally as well as physically.” ~ Anne

“I feel safe and confident in a new way…”

“I have and continue to learn more about accounting, my spending and business! I am more organized! I feel freer and like I have more information about my businesses and finances, which has been fun and exciting. I feel safe and confident in a new way. I feel like this work has coincided/helped generate greater productivity, increased income (I am working smarter thanks to you and your suggestions and getting me into the current decade with regard to ho to keep accounting books, and how to think/view accounting), better business thinking that spans/spills into all areas of my life, business and personal. It has upped my confidence. I know I am working with someone profoundly honest and dependable which allows me time in other areas, personal and professional.” ~ Lori