Carolynn Bottino

Speaker | Author | Founder of the Money Empowerment Project

How to Rise Up & Embrace Your Money Power

Keynote Presentation
Run Time: 45 minutes, up to 1 hour with audience interaction
Can also be taught as a workshop 

In this enlightening and empowering talk, Carolynn shares her transformational money story and her most powerful and practical tips for creating joy and abundance with money.

After working with more than 100 bookkeeping clients, Carolynn realized that she was much more than just a bookkeeper and discovered her soul’s calling to empower women entrepreneurs to rise up and embrace their money power.

Her strategic, yet soulful, method merges mindset work with practical systems and habits to help her clients transform their relationship with money. Refreshing, non-judgmental, and out-of-the-box, Carolynn’s approach makes the often-taboo topic of money approachable and engaging. She skillfully guides her audience to look at what is truly possible when you unlearn fear, shame and guilt around money—and step into The Land of Plenty. 

Audience members will walk away with: 

  • How to uncover your money story and explore beliefs that hold you back and keep you in scarcity
  • Ways to create systems and habits around your money to create abundance
  • How to leave fear, shame, and guilt behind so you can transform your relationship with money and live in the Land of Plenty
  • Simple tools to create joy and magic in your relationship with money
  • Why your money empowerment matters and how you can change the world when you rise up and embrace your money power
  • How to easily combine day-to-day money systems with soul-aligned action to create abundance in your business and your life

Additional Topics and Workshops

How to Get Your $hit Together

Run Time: 30 minutes
Can also be taught as a workshop

Drawing from over two decades of experience, Carolynn shares practical tips and advice from the bookkeeping trenches to get you into action creating better habits and systems that provide a container to money flow to you with ease. In a fearless, guiltless and judgment free zone, this innovative presentation will cover:

  • Practical advice on setting up money systems that work for you YOUR WAY
  • Making investments in the things that save you time and money
  • Why it is so important to know your numbers
  • What it means to be a good steward of your money
  • What a bookkeeper is and how and why to work with one as well as other people to have on your financial team

The Truth About Money

Run Time: 20 minutes

In this inspirational talk, Carolynn shares real life stories to take audiences from fear to possibility around money and abundance. Some of the truths that are highlighted are:

  • The importance of uncovering your money story
  • How to use questions to discover what else is possible
  • Moving from fear to possibility
  • The importance of seeing through the lens of plenty vs. scarcity
  • How money multiplies and regenerates easily in micro-communities
  • Money is infinite
  • Why your money empowerment matters

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Carolynn Bottino is an international bestselling author, speaker, and founder of the Money Empowerment Project. Her book The Land of Plenty: A Soulpreneur’s Guide to Finding Joy, Possibility and Abundance through Money Empowerment has been featured on the Spirited Woman’s Top 12 book pick list for 2020.

In 2013, Carolynn abruptly left the corporate events world and never looked back. She started All The Details Consulting providing event planning and bookkeeping services to small businesses. After working with more than 100 bookkeeping clients, Carolynn realized that she was much more than just a bookkeeper and discovered her soul’s calling to empower women soulpreneurs to find joy in their relationship with money.

Thinking that events would be her mainstay, and bookkeeping would be her side-gig, she soon discovered a huge need not only for bookkeeping, but for the need for business owners to understand their money on both a practical and soul level. And so the Money Empowerment Project was born in 2017 to inspire women to rise up and embrace their money power. She retired the events side of her business in 2020 to focus full time on her multiple six-figure bookkeeping business and empowering women soulpreneurs around the globe.

Carolynn is a truth guide for money. She walks her talk and serves as an example of how to live in The Land of Plenty, leading with her soul, and using her intuition to guide her business decisions. She loves to inspire others to find joy, possibility, and abundance in their lives and businesses.

Carolynn continues to follow her dreams and now lives in sunny San Diego with her husband and two cats. Her happy place is anywhere near water and she believes she was a mermaid in a past life.



“Carolynn is a dynamic speaker that leaves you feeling not only empowered but truly ready to embrace a joyful relationship with money. She does so with a delightful sense of humor, relatable personal stories and practical tips that make you excited to achieve your money goals with ease and zero judgement.”

– Priscilla Stephan, Intuitive Business Strategist & Creator of the Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes


“Carolynn when I hear you speak, it creates a safe space inside of me that feels like I can comfortably move forward and learn how to have a better relationship with my finances. It’s really magical. You are gifted at what you do.”

– Valerie Sorrentino, Coach & Healer, Life Energy Consulting


“I always had a bitter relationship with finances and avoided it at all costs. Carolynn had such a soft, even spiritual, and soothing approach that for the first time of my life, it made me want to lean into the information she was giving, which is a big deal for me.”

– Josee Brisebois, Personal Brand and Fashion Stylist

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“You and your presentation were fabulous! I got so much value from your story shared, client stories, and your message. Clear, compelling and heartfelt. I felt your passion for money empowerment and glad to have attended. Thank you!”

– Vasi Huntalas, Founder of Ignite Your Sol


“I have had the joy of reading Caroynn’s book The Land of Plenty and being in the audience witnessing her as an engaging presenter. Her passion for the message she brings is promptly reflected in her joyful, caring and down-to-earth style. A wonderful story-teller, Carolynn shares her own struggle and transformation as well as client stories. I left feeling optimistic that could at long last demystify my relationship with money, learn practical everyday tools
and begin living a more joyful and prosperous life!”

– Pamela Jay, Women’s Voice Empowerment Mentor and Author


“Carolynn is a fabulous speaker who truly embodies her message! She walks the talk of her ‘Land of Plenty’ message, and you can feel that ooze out of her as she shares. Carolynn is masterful at meeting her audience where they are with compassion, and then showing what’s possible so that we can’t help but say an emphatic YES to this grander vision. She offers practical, easy-to-take steps, while also stirring our souls to fly even higher. I highly recommend
Carolynn as a speaker for your next event!”

– Rebecca Massoud, Soulful Speaker Coach & Creator of Speak Shine Sell

Available for: Podcasts | Keynotes | Breakouts | Workshops | Panel Discussions
For booking information: 801.243.3537 or