My Vision is for a world where women entrepreneurs are inspired to rise up and embrace their money power. Women who understand their relationship with money change the world.

How the Money Empowerment Project was Born

As a bookkeeper I have the honor and privilege of seeing hundreds of people and their intimate relationship with money. Because I am their bookkeeper, I also see how this correlates to what is or is not in their bank accounts and I began to see various money patterns.

I discovered that no matter how much money people did or didn’t have, what mattered is that how they felt about money. I also saw that everyone has a money story and it was impacting their ability to attract and receive abundance.

It became very apparent that I was more than just a bookkeeper – I had a calling to help people become empowered around their money. My clients often tell me I have a natural gift to teach people how to interact with their money in a way that transforms their relationship with money.

This is how the Money Empowerment Project was born.

My Money Story

I grew up in a household where both my mom and dad were entrepreneurs. In addition to my mom’s business, she also worked a full time job. I grew up believing that you had to work REALLY HARD to make money and be successful.

So that’s what I did.

I worked really hard for almost 20 years in non-profits and the corporate world doing events,  and had a side business helping people with their bookkeeping. I always gave 110% and couldn’t understand why I was always exhausted,  burned out, and could never break my energetic income level of $50K a year.

The last “real” job I had was running an event center. It was kind of like running my own business because I managed it all – from the sales and marketing, to the staffing, and even buying the toilet paper. The building was operated by a non-profit and by a twist of fate, they were gifted a building by another non-profit.

To make a long story short, I put 110% of my energy into creating a business structure for this second building, and when it came down to compensating me for my time and talent, I was offered a 4% raise to manage both buildings. That didn’t sit so well with me, and when I told my boss no, he fired me.

When I got fired from my job, despite having a bruised ego, within days I knew it was time for me to start my own business. Within a matter of months I was making more than I had EVER made working for a company.

I had broken out of the Matrix – the structure that dictated how much I could make and told me how much I was “worth.”

During this experience I recalled a conversation I had with my dad when I was in my twenties. I was stressed about paying bills when he asked me if there was ever a time that I couldn’t pay my bills. That’s when I realized I had always figured it out and why would this time be any different? He gave me permission to trust myself and stop worrying about it.

Between losing my job and that simple, yet profound conversation with my dad, I realized that that money is infinite.

When I recognized that there is plenty of money out there and that money is just energy, it changed everything.

I stopped chasing money, because it only made money run.

I changed my entire relationship with money and started accepting and loving it instead of only expecting it to show up when I needed it. (Talk about a dysfunctional relationship!)

This journey is an ongoing process. Even though I have a lot of knowledge about money stories, money blocks, and money abundance, I still have shit come up. I still freak out occasionally about where money is going to come from.

The difference now is I have tools to help me move through the freak-outs and return to truth: money is infinite and you can always make more.

Your relationship with money is just like any other relationship. You need to nurture it if you want it to grow and blossom. If you ignore it, it will suffer.

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